Sorcha – Unknown

Unknown User/ Jane Smith

Age – N/A
Location – N/A
Occupation – N/A
Study – N/A
Character Analysis – My character embodied hacking which often occurs online.

The costume my character wore showed hacking visually to the audience as it was half normal night out attire and half wild with elements echoed from THE SYSTEM’s costume such as bright colours like the blue strands in my hair.

In the first scene on the staircase my character appears vulnerable. She is crying and we see how her innocence is corrupted when the Administrator hacks her in the V.I.P toilets. This is more audible than visual as I yelled “Frape! Log me out!” and “Someone please help me!” as the audience were filed into V.I.P by the hostess. This created a dislocated, eerie and creepy image of the dark side of hacking and created a sinister atmosphere.

In the V.I.P room my character has clearly been hacked and is unable to control herself as she slumps over the walls and fixtures in the room. I took inspiration from the film Taken as some of the characters are drugged and then sold. My intention was to appear weak and vulnerable and when the Administrator appeared I showed that I was scared and I my character was apprehensive about what was to come.

In the Junk Mail Box Room I sit weakly on the floor at the audience member’s feet as I was scared by the sensory bombardment of the scene. I am forced to sell myself and at fist I am timid and shy but as more people bid on me I become more controlled by the Administrator and I become braver and more confident with my body language.

In the Main Room my innocent yellow dress is ripped by the Administrator which represents how I was rejected after I had fulfilled my use of being soled off as a slave. As I cry I cleanse myself with the facebook-blue feathers and I am watched by the other female characters. I am then taken off the stage by THE SYSTEM, kicking and screaming as I don not know what will happen to me but I am aware it will not be good.

In the final scene in the Basement my character is in reality. I sit, fixated with technology as I stare in front of me with only my fingers moving as I type on an imaginary computer. This shows how modern society is so involved with social media that we risk remembering we can exist outside of a computer screen or technological apparatus.

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