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As part of our initial research into Facebook, we collected status updates to see if we could find anything of interest, including looking into the frequency of ‘frapes’ or ‘Facebook Rapes’ (where your status update is ‘raped’ by somebody other than yourself). This helped us to look in a more critical way at Facebook as we are normally so immersed in the medium that we don’t notice any patterns.


Jamie’s – 

The status’ are ambiguous and unpredetermined the only point of selection was that they were not within interlinking social groupswith other members of the team. They were not selected with entertainment or controversial merit, purely for the fact they were spontetous and unique to location and situation.

My 30 Status’ (6th March 2012) – Friends from my hometown – Whittlesey

  • Torres is gonna score i can feel it
  • Flicking through the ipod..a bit of run dmc – its like that comes on.. And i just can’t help but dance in my seat!!
  • Vote for Janthia Morgan for Miss Bridgend! Text 04janthia too – 81118! 😀
  • Is having a good catch up & a little heart to heart with my girl about all the waste of space men out there! And a cheeky glass of wine from wine bot hey Sian 😉
  • Motorbike bike for sale inbox me
  • jade went in, to the floor
  • I know I’ve been missing a couple days but it is a moving week I’ll get back on track as soon as possible.
  • Up the posh!!! With charlotte boon!!
  • Love that Tommy has gone to his first football match with Dad and it kicked off outside the ground with Millwall fans!! Haha
  • I have an unhealthy liking for white chocolate. I regret nothing!
  • my name is stig and i have hurt my back dogging 😀
  • Getting well hyped for holiday !!! Can’t fucking wait now 🙂 Braaaaaaaaaap x2
  • Have the worst headache ever waaaah. It’s bed and football for me tonight!
  • Not having a day off now until 17th March is a joke, waa.
  • The clue as to why public transport is hated is in the name.
  • What plank fills up the car with a full tank of petrol but doesn’t have enough cash or her bank car on her……..oh yeah that would be me :-/
  • well my healthy eating went down the drain with a big tub of ben&jerrys!
  • Ha ha love my new phone can upload silly photos of Christy as soon as I take them haha x x
  • Fukin hate smart cars, just for the pure fact that wen ur drivin round a car park for half hour lookin for a space, u see a gap, ur face lights up, u go to pull in then realise theres a bloody spaz wagon parked in it!!!!!!!!
  • it is board daylight we can see you picking your nose !! #trampp
  • Comin’ outta work when you work next to a pizza place, an indian, 2 chineses & a chippy = torture!! X
  • Ended the day with a smile, drive home must b best part of the day!
  • Want to go to the icebar in London soon see what its all about
  • Microwaves are brilliant for many things: muffins, reheating last night’s pasta, Zuckerberg’s head for forcing me to fucking get that fucking timeline, baguettes, instant noodles, etc…
  • Whoever keeps ringing me on a withheld number please stop, I dont answer unknown number, never have and never will.
    The quality of the present moment is all that matters. Make it joyous. – for ages we’re to fixed on where we’re going to really just enjoy the now!!

Becca’s –

As a group task, we decided to compile 30 status updates from our friends who are on Facebook or Twitter. I chose people who I knew back home, in Nottingham on Facebook. That was the only factor of choice, so we could get varied updates to explore more avenues for our performance.
Tuesday 5th March 2012

Facebook status updates

• I’d be gutted if I was Arsenal and I didn’t get that 4th goal lol

• BFGW time 🙂

• Now you’re just somebody that I used to know…♪

• Thank God we live next door to boys who saved 6 screaming girls from a tripped fuse !

• iPhone or stick with my Blackberry?

• Thank you for a lovely tea honey 🙂 you are a fab cook!! — with Stephen Maurice McNulty.

• Woo! North Ireland baby!!

• Wants a big cuddle….♥

• Florence + The Machine — with James Andrew Brown and 2 others at Capital FM Arena.

• I will be sleeping at 4.30 tomorrow morning, what will you be doing Cobby? — with Adrian Cobb.

• Dave jones’ first game and Wednesday are already passing the ball round like arsenal.. Quality passing football in the build up to the goal!

• ‎1-4 get on the beers son

• At forest game with my dad 😀 come on you reds!

• I see sparks fly whenever you smile. <3

• Thanks to my mam who sent me a parcel to a completely different address and postcode to where I actually live and I’ve had to walk a mile and retrieve it. Dorothy ellis is a saint

• You know you must be getting on a bit when you are sent texts detailing offers on anti-ageing facials. How rude!!!

• Big game forest! You redsss!

• Thank you Steve Jobs for inventing ipods, now I can drown out these stupid fucking chav girls sat behind me

• I hate busses, why does everyone that sits near me have to have a cough! I’m gunna end up with plague!

• filled out and sent off 8 applications and CVs – and dont have any money to sign on tomorrow – how effin depressing … somebody bloody employ me … pretty please xx

• Thanks to everyone for their birthday messages, i had a great day xx

• I feel so out of place! Far too posh! — at Royal York Hotel.

• Ofsted done! Glad it’s over. Got seen period 2 with year 11s and survived! Just want to sleep now before the aftermath kicks in at school tomorrow…

• new phone this weekend but same number :’)

• ‎3 years with my gorgeous boyfriend! Heres to many more! 120 sleeps to I get to cuddle you again — with Jedd Ryan.

• Not back at work till the 13th , Finish my books, Drink my body weight in tea, Hassle Holly Willoughby on Twitter and might try and top up me tan in this weather. Smashing!

• Apparently from the 5th – 11th it’s British pie week! Todays pie is apple pie! #BritishPride =D

• Theo Walcott; poor mans Oxlade-Chamberlain

• Right, I’m just gonna say it. I really don’t like skins. Never have

• Payday Friday, Skeg Friday. Friday is looking good! 😀


Christy’s –

• Forgot how funny nutty professor was! 
• Dolminos and One Tree hill, don’t think this evening could get any better!!!!
• Has been offered a place on Msc Forensic Psychology 
• I would back Mr Kipling, Bob Fletcher and Lego Batman QPR better than those Berks flavio briitore and Gianna Paladinni did.
• I’m sorry who goes on national tv and says I like coffee up my bum.
• Coronation street was wank, bring back the bill and bad girls.
• Bloody good reddens Frank Foster now for One Tree Hill
• LOL at how excited me and Gemma get over soaps <3
• Mmmmm lovely dinner
• We havn’t got any water yet!!!
• There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel If you look hard enough <3
• This diet is not going to last very long!
• Sometimes pretty doesn’t cover it!
• Tomorrow and Wednesday off, now its my weekend!
• What a day, what else can go wrong!
• That was so fetch!
• Mmmmm maybe have just booked Ibiza 
• Thinking a holiday would be nice…. Oooo er!
• Is once again having a 74p tesco chicken curry, momma mia it’s spicy!
• Needs a kettle 
• Everyone has a story, only few are worthy being told!
• Looking forward to a catch up with my girlies <3
• My day just got worse 
• My ambition to learn dutch…. Go go go!
• Cup of tea to wake a man back up!
• Everyone vote Wes Academic Affairs!
• Retail therapy with the girlies!
• If you were a bogey, id pick you first 😉
• Having my placement, amazing rockey road from the physio, THANKS 
• R.I.P Grandma, I love you so much!
• So much to do and so little time 

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