Get with the PROGRAM

After several haphazard discussions with multiple ideas floating about, the group is approaching an idea which has started to stick. We all like the idea of exploring the construction and also loss of identity through social networks. This draws together the notion of the performance of the everyday and the use of modern technology, which were strong themes that we all identified as an interest from the start. It stemmed from an idea I mentioned which highlighted how

in todays society, especially in our generation, if you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, TumblR, MySpace, Linked In, Bebo, FlickR, etc. or don’t have some sort of virtual presence, then you pretty much don’t exist. No-one will remember your birthday, you won’t be invited out, you will be socially excluded.

This is an exaggeration of course, however it is not too far from reality for some. As university students, we know firsthand what the pressure is to keep updated online, for having group discussions, planning nights out and other events, or for finding work and creating an online profile to market yourself, (a specific example for drama students is the performing arts union Equity, as a drama student joint with media I know that Linked In is something that we are also encouraged to join). At any rate we are being pushed online more and more in order to grow our networks to increase our opportunities, and the globe is at our fingertips, oceans are no longer barriers to us and the ‘glocalised’ era is upon us.


There is a slight, teensy, weency little problem though. As our time spent online increases, our time and attention spent in the ‘real world’ is diminishing gradually. I can hold my hands up and say I am guilty for walking around on a beautiful day and my focus being completely glued to my iPhone in my hand, barely aware of my surroundings. It’s scarily zombie-like…



So what is happening to our actual bodies?! Our true identities?! Where do we draw the line. Sure you can be whoever you want to be online, you can be several people even! But at what cost?


To be explored…