The Influence of Hacking in our Performance

As well as exploring identity in a postmodern society our performance also explored online hacking. I believe this made our performance more relevant and dynamic as it established another angle of social media. I think this helped our performance to stand out from others that may have addressed the social media which was important because we wanted our performance to be different and interesting whilst dealing with modern concepts.

Having spoken to a member of interactive design here at Lincoln University I was told to research code injection. Code injection is when an intruder (or hacker) exploits the code of the website by injecting invalid data. This can have disastrous results because in our modern society everything is available online. No matter how private you think your account details are for your bank or your home details or business letters, everything can be found and unfortunately accessed by the wrong people.

This has been emphasised in the news more recently by Hacktivists. Well known Hacktivists groups include Anonymous and Lulzsec. Lulzsec have claimed responsibility for such high profile attacks as taking the CIA website offline. Anonymous have also conducted some high profile attacks with several members facing charges. On their website, Anonymous claim they are a: “decentralized network of individuals focused on promoting access to information, free speech, and transparency. The group has made international headlines by exposing The Church of Scientology, supporting anti-corruption movements in Zimbabwe and India, and providing secure platforms for Iranian citizens to criticize their government” (Anon, online, 2012). Anonymous expose “companies that practice poor corporate governance and are involved in large-scale fraudulent activities” (Anon, online, 2012) and do this through providing “the public with investigative reports exposing corrupt companies” (Anon, online, 2012). Anonymous and Lulzsec along with other groups, conducted a series of hacking attacks as they committed Operation Anti-Security, also referred to as #AntiSec.

In our performance, the Administrator was the hacker and gained control over the other characters, which he then deactivated. The only character left was THE SYSTEM because he was the most integrated within the network. The other characters were controlled as this is seen especially in the Junk Mail Box Room where the females try to sell their services to the highest bidder. Unknown User/ Jane Smith is hacked by the administrator at the start and this is shown when she looks drugged in the V.I.P Room and when she is sold against her will in the Junk Mail Box Room.

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By Sorcha Rattigan.

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