@ Premium Check-In Lounge

These songs were selected as an ambient background to the ‘Premium Check-In Lounge’ to enhance the VIP feel of the room and immerse the audience in the world of ‘the SYSTEM’. We wanted to contrast the effort to put our audience at ease with the champagne and strawberries, smooth tone of hostess Becca Tamagotchi, dim lighting and luxurious setting with the disconcerting screams for help by the ‘unknown user’ in the toilets who was being ‘fraped’ to indicate that there was some form of sinister cover-up by the system administrator. They were chosen because they either have an oriental ‘sound’ or for their chillout qualities. Press link to play on this page.

Noctuary – Bonobo

Hong Kong – Gorillaz

Prelude – Bonobo

Satellite – Lemongrass


@ Main room

Created as a distraction from Junk-mail Box room and remixed into the ‘profile deactivation’ sequence on the Main Dancefloor.

Internet Friends – Knife Party

Clubbed to Death – Rob Dougan



We created several videos specifically for the performance to further take advantage of the projection/screen capabilities of our venue.


Filmed by Jamie, Edited by Dumi. Choreographed by Christy and Sorcha.

Performed by the rest of us. Location: Tokyo Basement and main dance floor.

This was a second attempt (as our first attempts were corrupted [oh the irony]) at creating a viral video to market our performance, we wanted to convey the modernity, the location, the social media theme (via the song ‘Internet Friends’ by Knife Party), and sinister qualities but we did not want to give too much away, and therefore attempted to make it as visual and enigmatic as we could.



Filmed by Jamie, Edited by Sylvia. Choreographed by Christy and Sorcha.

Performed by Dumi, Sylvia, Becca, Sorcha, Christy. Location: Tokyo main dancefloor.

This second video was created to use in the actual performance, as we wanted to split the audience and wanted each split to experience something different. Instead of spreading ourselves thinly on the ground and splitting our performers as well, we decided that one group [RED profiles] would get to go down to the basement to experience ‘reality’ where as performers we would be shown to be ‘plugged in’ to the system, with no wires, devices or anything; simply through our physical gestures and blank expressions, they would have connoted the zombie like way in which we were rotting as our entire focus was elsewhere (online).

The BLUE profiles [self selected via the coloured buttons in the VIP room] would be asked to stay with the SYSTEM and shown this video after the combined audience had watched us have our identities physically stripped away as our profiles were ‘deactivated’. The video would then play as an homage to our lost souls on the internet, to the song ‘I need a Doctor’ – a dub step remix of Eminem’s song, which contained the lyrics “I need a doctor, to bring me back to life”; meant as an ironic statement as our characters were beyond life or death as they were virtual.

I posted this video to the Facebook event after the performance to show audience members what they missed if they had been escorted down to the basement.



Screen shots by Jamie. Edited by Sylvia.

These slideshows were created to accompany the action and give audience members a more detailed look into our characters, as you can see we created the profiles of Facebook and did screenshots of the various relevant stages. On the profiles we included details such as what our characters might like to watch, where they ‘studied’ etc as if they were real identities. The irony is that we all know that these are fake profiles, and they point to the fact that the internet makes it hard to distinguish what is real from what is fabricated, especially concerning identity.



This is a quick edit of the footage from our actual performance, the footage is not of the best quality unfortunately but it still displays the gist of the assault of senses which we inflicted upon our audience.


The Facebook group

This is the group in which we arranged meetings, shared ideas and influences and kept in touch.

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  1. I like how this video shows the use of space and how unique Tokyo building was. I also like that we could watch the performance from and audience perceptive, as I feel that it gave a whole new meaning to the action that is taking place.

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