Christy – Norton

Lieutenant Norton
Age – 27
Location – Lincoln
Study – Cambridge University – forensics.
Occupation – Lieutenant within the police force, solving crime.

Character Analysis 
My character was Lieutenant Norton which represented a anti-virus software system within a computer. We developed this idea as we portrayed a crime scene, in which we needed a source from the viral world to solve the crime. Therefore, we researched computer systems and found that a anti-virus software cleans and clears all spam to project your computer. As we were to protecting society, I felt that the Norton anti-virus software suited my role. With the idea for my character in place, I decided to explore and improvise characteristics for my character. This involved performing different personalities. As my character was conveyed to be intelligent within the cyber world, I decided to emphasize a ‘geek’ technique into my performance. This involved movement characteristics such as over the top movement, constantly pushing my oversized glasses onto my nose, sniffing as though I was bunged up and clumsy movement thus walking into walls and other characters. This made my character look like a nerd, ready to solve crime. I was not the top anti-virus software which reflected my clumsy downfalls. Within the spam room, my character started to become controlled by the administer, which was conveyed through commands by the administrator. This lead to the final stage performance, where the administrator controlled all of my movement. Altogether I believe my character portrayed the intentions of the piece by suggest I was controlled within a cyber world. I felt the oversized movement suggest my ‘geek’ characteristics. Therefore I portray the character intentions across the spectators, which I felt they enjoyed as spectators were laughing towards my movement.


For my character, I wanted to signify an old English detective. We gained influences from Sherlock Holmes as he was a well known detective within the Ninetieth Century. Within the Novel, he was told to have been a traditional English gentleman that solved crimes. We took this influence by dressing my character in tweed. The tweed material emphasized the classic English characteristic. I decided to form an oversized tweed jacket as it would help emphasized the clumsy characteristic. I also wore long socks and shorts to help represent my English role. The shorts that I wore were short as within the spam room we wanted to portray prostitution, selling our ‘software’ to the audience. Therefore, I still represented old English but with a twist which was revealed within the narrative in the spam room. The glasses were oversized to emphasize my clever persona. Altogether, I felt that costume emphasized my character and clearly gave a visual insight to the narrative of the piece. I enjoyed playing this role with the costume as it meant I could use my costume and glasses to emphasize my characteristics. I also felt it reflected to the spectators who my character was. Lastly, I felt that it reflected the ‘real’ character in the cyber world.

An Influence Picture of Sherlock Holmes.

By Christie Asplin.

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