Sylvia – McAfee


Detective McAfee

Age – 30

Location – Lincoln

Occupation – Detective

Study – Cambridge University – Forensic Science


Character Analysis – The inspiration for my character stemmed from computer games and film noir. I used an American accent to give an authoritative feel and to contrast with the other characters, as  my character is meant to be an ‘outsider’ in the Tokyo SYSTEM, investigating the resident programs after the incident of a missing profile. It was a character that sprung upon me during improvisation in the space as we had began with a grain of an idea of having a crime scene in the VIP room, of which I felt would be interesting to spring onto the audience right in the middle of an investigation to bring urgency and drama.

The choice of the name was obvious to us as we wanted to reference actual known programs in circulation, and as the best known anti-spyware computer software, McAfee came naturally as the name of a detective, protecting its customers and worked in partnership with the underdog software, Norton. This partnership was based on the famous detective pair Sherlock and Watson.

Once I had begun my investigation however, the Administrator had noticed my foreign activity and kicked me out of the VIP room threatening me with a Hack as I came close to uncovering something sinister. This resulted with me being in the Junk-mail Box, hacked, and reprogrammed to sell myself in the auction to profit the Administrator.

In the following room as my profile was then deactivated by the Administrator, and my adopted ‘identity’ was stripped down and I washed away the virtuality with water (the natural enemy of technology and computers) which then broke down in the basement to reveal that I was human, barely, plugged into the virtual world with vacant eyes and rotting clothes, doomed (in hell?) to forever feed my addiction to the network. This is obviously a critique of the addictive nature of Facebook and other such sites online, turning people into vampiric indoor dwellers, who barely see the light of day.

Influences that came to mind for my character were Sin City (2005) and the computer game L.A. Noire in which the player is an american detective.

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