Becca – Tamagotchi

Yukimi Tamagotchi

Age – 23

Occupation  – Geisha Hostess at Tokyo Lincoln.



Character Analysis –

The Inspiration for my character came from the building itself. The club we performed in is called Tokyo, and the by it’s very nauture, would have a bar waitress of some description. Playing on the Japanese connotations, we agreed as a collabortiveupon a Geisha who would be the hostess of the network we had created out of the rest of the character profiles. For my research I looked into the various traits of Geisha’s, and I decided againest having full Geisha attire, as I still wanted to portray the idea of the vunerablitly of women over the interent, how they dress provocatively gets them unwanted attention online, which is reflected in the Junk Mail box room.

Another element that was added to my character was the partnership that Tamagotchi had with the Adminstrator. My character was seen as glamorous assistant, which is seen in the VIP Premuim check in Lounge. After he throws out McAfee and Norton, he comes up to my character and shouts at her for not keeping order and control. He shows he is in charge and has hacked the hostess server of the overall computer system. You also see in the Junk Mail box room auction, that Tamagotchi does not get sold, instead herself and ReRe pose and try to make the items more sellable. We finally see in the Main Room, that the Adminstrator betrays her, and de-activates her profile last, stating ‘Your services are no longer required’. This betryal links in with the idea of Geisha’s having being taught such a beautiful art form, only to be controlled and sold by men for the rest iof thier lives.

One of the other main influences for my character was the film and novel Memoirs of a Geisha. The main character Sayuri, is a talented Geisha, and spends the majority of film looking for the highest bidder for her. I mainly watched the film for movement and vocal purposes. My main character motif can be seen in the profile picture used above. The motif, combined with a soft but slightly robotic voice, reflected the computer componment of the character, as well as the personality of a Giesha, I hoped was well executed.

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