We created a contract for Tokyo to sign to cement our professional relationship from the beginning. Below is what we sent for them to sign.

Dear TokyoIndustries


We are a third year drama group aiming to do our performance at your venue on the 13th of May.


The performance is for our final module called Multimedia Performance. It will have seven performers and a technical crew that the University of Lincoln Performing Arts will provide.


The Title of the performance is called “You’ve been Tagged”, It is a discovery of modern technology and the effect the internet has on personal identity. After researching we discovered 60 percent of people in theUKuse the internet everyday and most of the people use the internet for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Our performance will be contemporary and we are going to distinctively display the effect social networking sites have on everyone’s personal identity. The team will use viral video footage to ask the inevitable question which is, do social networks take away personal identity?


Could we have permission to perform our final major project piece in The Tokyo Lincoln Building?


Permission granted and authorised by


Name: ______________________________

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