Multimedia Script – You’Ve Been Tagged

As a collaborative, we decied that it might be best to write out a script, after we spent a week devising what was happening in each room. This really helped us creatively as we felt a narrative would help us as performers to keep a track of what was going on, and make our intentions in the rooms clear to audeince memebers.

The dialogue was never set in stone, as we really liked the idea of the final performance still having an improvised element, especially since alot of what we did depended on the audeince and the level of particpation they were willing to do. We knew as performers, how crucial it is for us to be able to use our instinct and how ‘ the ability to improvise allows the actor to stay “in the moment” whatever might happen’ (Abbot 2012, p.4). The improvised element kept us as performers on our toes, and kept the performance fresh for the audeince.

By Rebecca Britten.

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